Track Of The Day: Kynsy – ‘Happiness Isn’t A Fixed State’

Through jagged guitar riffs and succinct lyricism, Dublin-based artist Kynsy offers a fresh perspective on a breakup on latest single ‘Happiness Isn’t A Fixed State’. Balancing a painful reality with a buoyant optimism, the multi-instrumentalist navigates the push and pull between the head and heart, post-relationship.

“It’s about accepting the fact that sometimes you have to laugh the pain away, or look at negativity head on in order to feel positive emotions and have positive thoughts again,” explains Kynsy (aka Ciara Lindsey). “It’s a tug of war between the positive and negative thought processes that occur when a relationship ends.” Kynsy tackled writing and co-production duties head on with this single, enlisting the help of mixer Claudius Mittendorfer (Interpol, Sorry, Parquet Courts) to add a sheen to her edgy sound.

The track is also accompanied by a self-directed video, shot in Dublin by Tim Shearwood featuring Kynsy and her friends. “[The visuals] needed to be fun and playful but with moments of emotional vulnerability in there too,” Kynsy explains. “A sort of ying and yang of simple fun against complex emotions.”

Check out the video below and follow Kynsy on Spotify & Instagram for more updates.

Photo Credit Paula Trojner

Kate Crudgington

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