LISTEN: Palberta – ‘Before I Got Here’

An energetic, totally infectious slice of guitar pop, New York trio Palberta have shared their latest single ‘Before I Got Here’. Taken from their fifth album Palberta5000, which is set for release via Wharf Cat on 22nd January 2021, the track explores the juxtaposition of emotions that come with letting someone new into your life.

“While punk music was our first love, pop music has become our fixation,” Palberta explain. “Throughout the making of Palberta5000, we were focused on making music that people could not only sing along to, but get stuck in their heads. That, and attempting to make songs longer than 50 seconds.” This evolution towards the softer side of things is epitomised on ‘Before I Got Here’. Full of buoyant guitar riffs and lush vocal harmonies, the song showcases the band’s playful poppy outlook, while still delivering a much needed cacophony of noise via the krout-surf style outro.

Palberta opened for Bikini Kill on a handful of the band’s US tour dates in 2019, and were supposed to tour the UK and Europe for the first time this year before the Covid-19 pandemic hit. There’s still much uncertainty around when the return of live music will happen, but Palberta’s new single should keep your heads bopping until then.

Listen to ‘Before I Got Here’ below.

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Kate Crudgington

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