Track Of The Day: Divide & Dissolve – ‘We Are Really Worried About You’

An eerie, thunderous instrumental that rouses listener’s state of awareness and questions what it means to be free, Divide and Dissolve have shared their latest single ‘We Are Really Worried About You’. The track is lifted from their upcoming album Gas Lit, produced by Ruban Neilson (Unknown Mortal Orchestra), and set for release in January 2021 via Invada Records who the band have recently signed to.

“[The single] is a call to transformation and freedom,” the duo explain. “This song and video seek to undermine and destroy the white supremacist colonial framework. We are weaving together our fight for Indigenous Sovereignty, Black and Indigenous Liberation, Water, Earth, and Indigenous land given back. Decolonise now.” Together, Takiaya Reed (saxophone, guitar, live effects) and Sylvie Nehill (drums, live effects) seek to undermine these forces through their doom infused, powerful soundscapes.

Crashing cymbals, distorted bass lines and striking saxophone sounds form a swirling vortex of cathartic dissonance on ‘We Are Really Worried About You’. The track is accompanied by a captivating music video, directed by Sepand Mashiahof. “The world is structured to mould us down into stunted vessels that have to gaslight ourselves of our own truths/experiences just to survive. This video felt like an expression of that process,” explains Mashiahof. “The desperation to be heard and the stonewall silence that pushes you into the void of perpetual self-doubt and self-sabotage. The concept and the collaboration aspects seemed to also mirror what it takes to move through this grief, that you need friends and community to be able to address these things together and help each other heal through it.”

With their dense and intriguing sounds, Divide and Dissolve are instrumental activists who seek to disrupt toxic white supremacy, and encourage others to do the same. Watch the video for ‘We Are Really Worried About You’ below and follow the band on bandcamp, Instagram, Spotify and Facebook for more updates.

Photo credit: Billy Eyers

Kate Crudgington

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