Track Of The Day: Starling – ‘Swoop’

Just like her avian name, rising alt-pop artist Starling comes in for the ‘Swoop’ in her latest single. With a mix of trap bass line, photon blasts, and kitschy instrumental drops, ‘Swoop’ is a dance floor banger for the quirky cool kids. Starling’s sultry and seductive vocals boast pointillistic rhythms and hashtag lyrics about her ambitious nature – she gets what she wants, when she wants.

A soaring alt-pop anthem, filled with Starling’s rich vocals and an instantly catchy and empowering energy, ‘Swoop’ is a guaranteed ear-worm, set to mark Starling out as a definite one to watch. Of the track, she explains:

Swoop is about being unapologetically focused and owning it. Owning your dream, owning that fear, owning that desire and not holding back your ambition or your individuality. Judgement suffocates. To “swoop” liberates.”

In the accompanying video, a laid back and denim tuxedo wearing Starling explains to us her raison d’être while pastel sweat-suited dancers show off their varied dance skills from popping and locking to jetes. Speaking about the video, she’s said: “I wanted to make a 90s inspired music video on what it is to “own it”. This is what I told the dancers “there is no space for shame or judgement in Starling’s world, it’s time to dance like you are free to be who you really are, to own your quirk”.

‘Swoop’ marks the second piece of new material from Starling’s forthcoming new album To Be Alive, which is due out in the near future. To Be Alive is produced in part by Damian Taylor (Bjork, The Prodigy) and David Kyle Payne (Meghan Trainor, Sigala).

Aisha Kasmir

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