PREMIERE: Pinlight – ‘Grow Slow’

Based in Edinburgh, hearing-impaired songwriter Jenny Laahs, aka Pinlight, creates electro-driven retro-tinged soundscapes, all produced in mono to reflect her hearing loss. Following 2019’s debut album, she has now shared an uptempo brand new single.

With ’80s-infused synth-driven hooks, ‘Grow Slow’ flows with an uplifting twinkling energy and Laahs’ luscious honey-sweet vocals. With shades of the likes of Christine and the Queens, it offers a glitchy, whirring soundscape driven by an infectious shimmering zest. A refreshingly uptempo slice of sunny alt-pop, it’s the perfect danceable accompaniment to a solo lockdown living room rave. Of the track, Jenny explains:

I wrote Grow Slow in 2018. I had written the hook – the “I’ve been waiting and waiting” line – several years prior but didn’t do anything with it, so it lay forgotten in an old songwriting notebook. When I came across it again the melody was still really fresh in my mind so I figured it was catchy enough to write a song around. I didn’t really connect with the “waiting” idea when I first wrote the hook, which is probably why it was left dormant for so long, but at that point in 2018, I had begun consciously trying to slow down my pace in general, taking things as they come and not worrying so much about whether things were right straight away. So the rest of the lyrics just came from ruminating more on that theme.

 ‘Grow Slow’, along with a Yoko Pwno remix, is out this Friday, 27th November. Listen for the first time now:


Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Callum Ollason


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