Track Of The Day: Julia-Sophie – ‘I Wish’

In an introspective sonic unravelling, electronic artist Julia-Sophie brings us an immersive experience in her lush new track, ‘I Wish’. Released on Slow Dance Records, the single follows Julia’s admired y? EP of last year. As the first track from her upcoming EP </3, it serves as an insightful glance for what’s to come from Julia’s anticipated palette.

A delicate, building tension scurries across the soundscape opening the story of ‘I Wish’. Made of rigid, whirling synth patterns, Julia-Sophie’s spatial awareness is artistically conveyed across the ways in which she places her sounds so precisely. Alongside her lyrics, she is able to tell her narrative by using her instrumental machines that glitch freely with each cathartic breath.

Emotive confessions float earnestly in the pool of bubbling synths, as ‘I Wish’ creates a universe of its own. It is one we all know and stew in. It is equally as challenging as it is empowering – solitude. Of the track, Julia-Sophie explains:

Over the last year, I’ve had to fight and break hearts, to become the person I was meant to be; to live my own truth. I wanted to reflect this broken hearted journey in ‘I Wish’, by breaking out of classic song structure and experimenting with form…”

Disentangling the narratives of others, to ultimately discover her own, Julia-Sophie illuminates her story with fluid-like tongues reminiscent of Half Waif and FKA Twigs. With her own feet on the ground, and a sound that is so fresh to the ear, Julia-Sophie’s ‘I Wish’ is sure to inspire us to keep going into 2021.

‘I Wish’ is out now, via Slow Dance. It is released as part of Slow Dance ’20; a compilation released by the label – a 16 track collection of tracks from all genres – out on 26th January.

Jill Goyeau

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