Track Of The Day: BERRIES – ‘Copy’

In a riveting, riff heavy tune that takes off with intention the moment it begins, London-based trio BERRIES bring us a garage-rock banger with their brand new single. Having been firm favourites here at GIHE for a number of years, they’ve also received well-deserved acclaim from the likes of John Kennedy and Huw Stephens, and look set to continue gaining fans with this energy-fuelled latest release.

Gritty, overdriven guitar open ‘Copy’ with a provocative sonic adrenaline that sets the scene for the bold disposition that carries throughout the track’s entirety. This undeniably catchy riff never lets go, and with this captivating high-energy, BERRIES grab fans of indie-rock, punk and grunge all at once.

With only three players – Holly, Lauren and Lucie – BERRIES’ ‘Copy’ sounds impressively gigantic between its pulsing bass-lines and driving drums. The band’s instrumental chemistry is evident even in their studio recording, as the track scurries around itself reacting in the most particular ways.

Lyrically, BERRIES gives us an independent mood that is “rough around the edge” and self-motivated. ‘Copy’ forgets about the opinions of others and sticks to its own unique path, creating a track that is both electrifying and autonomous at every moment; relentless in both tone and fiery character. Of the track, the band explain:

“… (it’s) about imitation and how we are programmed by society to try and live up to other people’s expectations of happiness and how unhealthy, self-critical and obsessive this way of existing can be.”


If ‘Copy’ serves as a taste for the upcoming BERRIES’ record, set to be released  via Xtra Mile Recordings, listeners are certainly in for an original and memorable sonic experience from this power trio.

Jillian Goyeau

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