Track Of The Day: DISHPIT – ‘This Time’

A seething cacophony of crashing percussion, strung out guitar riffs and volatile vocals, Montreal-based trio DISHPIT have shared their new single ‘This Time’. Taken from their Steve Albini produced, self-titled debut album which is set for release on 12th March, the track is a corrosive new offering that rips through feelings of apathy with angst-ridden flair.

Led by Nora Kelly and Jed Stein, DISHPIT are inspired by the sounds of 90s riot grrrl, post punk and grunge. They’re here to challenge and disrupt the male dominated alternative music scene with their distinctive “freaky femme energy” and the abrasive sounds on ‘This Time’ are another potent example of how they’re dismantling these archaic barriers. Kelly’s crystalline vocals cut through the raucous guitar noises and cymbal smashes, as the track swells to its refreshingly raw conclusion.

DISHPIT finished recording their debut album with Albini in 2018, but issues with their record label and the cancellations and delays that have come with the Covid-19 pandemic meant their plans were temporarily put on hold. Now, the band are now finally ready to bring the visceral sounds of their debut record into the world and we can’t wait to hear it in full.

Listen to ‘This Time’ below.

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Kate Crudgington

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