Track Of The Day: The Paranoyds – ‘Egg Salad’

Following the release of 2019’s album Carnage Bargain and tracks such as ‘Pet Cemetery’ and ‘Hotel Celebrity’, LA four-piece, Staz, Laila, Lexi and David – aka The Paranoyds – have now shared a new video for album track ‘Egg Salad’.

Oozing a jangling post-punk scuzz fused together with a sunny surf-rock energy, ‘Egg Salad’ is filled with fuzzed-out hooks alongside the band’s trademark languid insouciant vocals. Propelled by a seething angst-fuelled drive, it juxtaposes poignant lyrical observations and a scathing wit with a compelling, playful musicality. Building in tempo throughout, a striking grunge-fuelled anthem is created, with shades of the raw grit of the likes of Courtney Barnett.

Of the band’s name, The Paranoyds explain:

We’re living in the dystopian future. Our lives are completely tracked and programmed, our extension of ourselves is a handheld computer with a microphone and camera that stays on while were unaware, and, on top of everything, the extreme right is gaining continuous world power… What isn’t there to be paranoyd about?”

‘Egg Salad’ is accompanied by a brand new video depicting “the glitzy & glamorous world of a teenage girl who, after accidentally catching a beauty pageant on TV, dreams of her rise to stardom & subsequent downfall…” (director Nicole Stunwyck). Watch here:

 Carnage Bargain, The Paranoyds’ latest album, is out now via Suicide Squeeze. Listen here.

Mari Lane 

Photo Credit: Little Ghost

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