Track Of The Day: Gender Chores – ‘Night In The Woods’

Having shared stages with the likes of Problem Patterns, Strange New Places and Sister Ghost, Belfast’s Gender Chores first blasted into our ears with the seething energy of 2019’s Womansplain. With songs defending reproductive rights, resisting the patriarchy and documenting the human cost of late-stage capitalism, they’re a true, riot grrrl-inspired DIY force to be reckoned with, and so we were super excited to hear that they’ve shared a brand new track.

A slice of fast-paced punk-pop, and inspired by a video game of the same name, ‘Night In The Woods’ reflects on slum landlords and the high costs of living in the city, despite continually decreasing low living conditions. Propelled by racing beats and fuzzy uptempo riffs, the gritty, refreshingly honest lyricism subtly rages with raw, conversational vocals: “I can’t afford the rent, and I really miss my pets” – a sentiment that is all-too relatable as someone who spent eight years renting in London.

As the track builds with a swirling, playful energy, it ends on an immense whirring cacophony – a scuzzy sonic storm, reminiscent of both a distorted video game and the frenzied state of reality right now. ‘Night In The Woods’ is a raging punk anthem, truly of our times; despite being coated in a buoyant, quirky charm, it’s no less powerful in its explicit enraged message.

Of the track, singer and bassist Sam explains:

I think there’s a collective fury at the looming gentrification of Belfast. There’s outrage at the fact that it costs so much to live where we want to live.” 

Night In The Woods‘ is out now and was written and recorded with artist development program Scratch My Progress.

Mari Lane

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