WATCH: GHLOW – ‘Not Fit For This’

A visceral blend of distorted guitars, energetic beats and commanding vocals, Russian-Swedish heavy duo GHLOW have shared a video to accompany their latest single ‘Not Fit For This’. Taken from the band’s debut album Slash and Burn, recently released via PNK SLM Recordings, the fast-paced visuals reflect the track’s intense rhythms and jagged riffs.

“’Not Fit For This’ is a manifesto embracing raw power, materializing the energy that grows out of frustration and boredom,” the band explain about the track. “We wanted the video to translate the energy of the music and worked with our amazing friends over at Gonz TV who kept it fast paced and punky.”

Formed of multidisciplinary artists Emille de Blanche and Nikolay Evdokimov, GHLOW fuse their lived experiences and passion for genre-blending sounds into their intense, driving soundscapes. They divide their labour equally; de Blanche handles vocals, bass and the band’s art direction, while Evdokimov takes on on guitar, synths, drum machines and production duties. Through experimentation and a desire to test themselves, the pair trusted their instincts and created an album that burns with raw, ambiguous fury, and ‘Not Fit For This’ is another corrosive offering that glows with the band’s trademark electro-punk angst.

Watch the video for ‘Not Fit For This’ below.

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