Track Of The Day: Errunhrd – ‘Rain (Sun Is Gone)’

An evocative electronic soundscape that deals with emotional burnout, Niagara Falls based multi-instrumentalist and producer Errunhrd has shared her latest single ‘Rain (Sun Is Gone)’. Laced with melancholy vocals, cinematic synths and sparse, clicking percussion, the track embraces a difficult topic but is underscored by Errunhrd’s hope that things will eventually improve.

“‘Rain (Sun is Gone)’ is about being emotionally overwhelmed during the pandemic while my grandma got diagnosed with colon cancer and is still going through treatment,” Errunhrd aka Shirin Ghoujalou explains. “It’s also my way of letting everyone out there struggling right now know that I hope we’ll be okay and get through this, while keeping the anger and frustration of the situation in there.”

Influenced by the likes of New Order, Grimes, Daughter and London Grammar, Errunhrd creates music that has “some kind of melancholy hope” and writes lyrics directly from her life experiences. ‘Rain (Sun Is Gone)’ epitomises her creative outlook, diving deep into her vulnerabilities and fears about her own well-being, as well as extending an olive branch to her Grandmother and to her listeners who are struggling to tread water in these testing times.

Watch the video for ‘Rain (Sun Is Gone)’ below.


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