Track Of The Day: Aisha Badru – ‘The Way Back Home’

Having previously charmed our ears with the soothing sounds of last year’s ‘Soil’s Daughter’ and 2018’s poignant debut album Pendulum, singer-songwriter Aisha Badru has now announced her upcoming new EP, set for release in December.

Ahead of the EP’s release, new single and title track ‘The Way Back Home’ offers an endearing reflection on relationships, and the age-old realisation of “if you love something, set it free”. Flowing with twinkling, folk-inspired hooks alongside Badru’s rich, soulful vocals, it oozes an immersive, heartfelt emotion. Propelled by a gentle, lilting energy and shimmering grace, a sweeping majestic splendour ripples throughout this beautifully stirring ballad as its poignant lyricism swirls throughout. A simply exquisite, evocative creation that’ll soothe the ears with its resplendent, uplifting allure.

Of the writing of her upcoming EP, Badru shares:

I knew exactly what to say without thinking about it. It was as if I was writing exactly from my heart.

‘The Way Back Home’ is accompanied by a beautifully hand-crafted lyric video, directed and animated with intricate illustrations by Tash Tully. Watch it here:

The Way Back Home, the upcoming EP from Aisha Badru, is set for release on 3rd December.

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