WATCH: FRÄULEIN – ‘By The Water’

Originally hailing from Northern Ireland and the Netherlands respectively, London-based duo Joni Samuels and Karsten van der Tol – aka Fräulein – are fast becoming total faves here at Get In Her Ears. Now, following their majestic last single ‘Belly’ and having completely blown me away at my first post-covid gig at The Windmill a few weeks back, they have now shared a visceral new offering.

Propelled by a gritty, swirling energy and raw, impassioned drive, ‘By The Water’ reflects on the difficulty we can often have in moving on from events of our past. Building with a subtle, brooding melancholy and eerily captivating allure, the track showcases the stark, soaring power of Joni’s vocals, creating an utterly immersive wall of grunge-fuelled splendour. Yet another example of this innovative duo’s consistent ability to develop their exquisite musical prowess with each new release, firmly cementing them as ones to watch right now. Of the track, the band explain:

It touches on the contrasting emotions often invoked by looking back at events from your past. The track is about beauty & nighttime & romanticising times & living in the past, even though you know it’s shit and that it can keep you stagnant.”

Watch the new video for ‘By The Water’ here:

Catch Fräulein live at their headline show at The Windmill tonight. Tickets here.

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Emma Swann

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