Track Of The Day: Christine Sako – ‘Coda’

Inviting with a breezy-pop disposition, Christine Sako brings us another infectious ear-worm with her latest release ‘Coda‘. Following her recent track ‘Seasoned’ and the shimmering sound of ‘Sediments‘, the Minneapolis musician proves that her artistic identity still has space to unfold as she brings us into another sonic undertaking that is uniquely her own. 

Beat driven melodies and dense layers of synth create cool, crisp layers for the bed of ‘Coda’ to dance upon. It is here where we see the benefits of Sako’s production abilities – sounds concentrated and filled with attention to tonal detail. This track showcases Sako’s use of captivating aspects of electronic soundscapes, juxtaposing them perfectly with the melodies of an energetic-pop anthem. 

‘Coda’ is wholesome in meaning, embodying both the relatable struggle of running into burnout, whilst also providing a feel-good song that captures the empowering feeling of letting go of negativity. Draped in Sako’s glistening, powerful vocals, its chorus is an undeniable hook that is clear and confident with cathartic emotion. 

Christine Sako holds her own with power-pop assertiveness and enticement, as ‘Coda’ holds our attention with its blissful energy.

Jill Goyeau

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