Track Of The Day: Maria BC – ‘Good Before’

An atmospheric rumination inspired by the joy you can find in a moment of spontaneity, Maria BC has shared their latest single ‘Good Before’. Taken from their debut album Hyaline, which is set for release on 27th May via Fear Of Missing Out records in the UK, the track is an uplifting, ambient offering that sees the songwriter embrace a sudden influx of new inspiration.

Following on from their dreamy debut EP Devil’s Rain (2021), on Hylaine, Maria BC has created another tender collection of songs that “Let the world wash over you…rather than trying to pin it to one single thing.” This immersive quality was captured beautifully on previous single ‘The Only Thing’ but ‘Good Before’ filters these tendencies through a slightly poppier lens, whilst retaining their soothing vocals and tentative guitar picks.

“I wrote ‘Good Before’ in 2019, before any of the other songs on Hyaline — and before any of the songs on Devil’s Rain, for that matter,” Maria explains. “I put it away for a while because I thought it was too poppy, but eventually I got over that. Now it holds a special place in my heart. Some of the lyrics came to me on the highway, when the sun was starting to rise, and I was running on no sleep, just Dunkin’. It’s unusual for lyrics to come to me ~in the wild~ like this. I like to block out time to sit in a spot and write. That’s just my style. When inspiration comes to me out of nowhere, I’m immensely grateful.”

Listen to ‘Good Before’ below.

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Photo Credit: Ulysses Ortega

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