Track Of The Day: Forever Honey – ‘Singing To Let England Shake’

A bittersweet guitar tune about the uncertainty of not knowing where you stand with someone you’re close to, Brooklyn indie band Forever Honey have shared their latest single ‘Singing To Let England Shake’. Taken from their upcoming EP, Could I Come Here Alone, which is set for release on 30th August, the track is a gentle, hazy lament to the frustrated hours spent wondering what went wrong, and the more hopeful moments that follow these sometimes uncomfortable realisations.

Formed of longtime friends Liv Price, Aida Mekonnen, Steve Vannelli and Jack McLoughlin, Forever Honey have been working on their catchy brand of “sob-rock” over the past few years, in between “filming Trailer Park Boys-esque skits and fostering dogs.” Over the next few months, the band will be sharing tracks from their self-recorded, produced, and engineered new EP, with single ‘Singing To Let England Shake’ being the first offering form the record.

“‘Singing To Let England Shake'” is about feeling profoundly misunderstood by someone important to you, the isolation that comes from this realization, and the desire to feel a lightness again after something so painful,” guitarist Aida Mekonnen explains. “There’s something uniquely frustrating about being misinterpreted, and I think it creates an instant distance between you and the person you used to connect with.” Informed by the band’s own experiences, this single and the tracks that form Could I Come Here Alone will strike a cord with anyone who needs reassurance after a period of loneliness of disconnection.

Listen to ‘Singing To Let England Shake’ below.

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Photo Credit: Rita Iovine

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