New Track: Frankie Rose – ‘Anything’

Set to release her fifth studio album this Spring, New York based artist Frankie Rose has now shared her latest single ‘Anything’ – an inspiring, exploratory track. While following the latest release of her own interpretation of The Cure’s ‘Seventeen Seconds’, Rose has dived into something fresh at this time in her career. 

Filled with beautiful ’80s-inspired electro-pop nuances, in ‘Anything’ Rose showcases her ability to fuse together new sounds with a hybrid of inspirations of her past, creating something that sounds refreshingly ultra-modern. Nostalgia for post-punk remains while ‘Anything’ glamourises grunge to a shiny finish of crisp vocals across a sweeping electronic landscape. At its core, ‘Anything’ is confident and undimmed while grabbing an array of eclectic influences into its mix of excitement for the now. 

Slowly building with sharp drums and choral synth pads, as Rose’s vocals float on top of her mix with an irresistibly catchy and contagious allure, ‘Anything’ feels like a poignant reflection, but specifically one that does not feel too heavy – executing the idea that we are in a constant state of learning. 

‘Anything’ feels like accepting that we make mistakes and must move on from them, learning from them in a way that offers not only self-disappointment, but a cycle of valuable growth. Frankie Rose is all-seeing in ‘Anything’, as she brings us along on a beautifully cathartic, optimistic sonic journey.

Love As Projection, the upcoming new album from Frankie Rose, is set for release on 10th March via Night School Records.

Jill Goyeau

Photo Credit: Esme Rogers Smith

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