LISTEN: Kara Delik – ‘Strange Attractor’

An altruistic blend of post punk, spoken word and experimental sound, Berlin-based trio Kara Delik have shared their latest single ‘Strange Attractor’. Taken from their upcoming mini EP, Singularities 1, which the band will be self-releasing on 17th February, the track is a brooding, hypnotic exploration of the strange ways that we interact with each other as we meander through life at conflicting paces.

Formed of Baris Öner (Istanbul Ghetto Club), Andi Sommer (Henry Fonda, Afterlife Kids, Yacht Communism), and GIHE fave Eilis Frawley (Anika, Laura Lee & The Jettes, I Drew Blank), Kara Delik are three friends brought together by “coincidental kitchen encounters” and a shared enthusiasm for the Berlin DIY music scene. Inspired by everything from 70s Anatolian rock music, traditional Turkish folk, to German Krautrock and 80s punk, the band deliver their “odd timings for odd times” with gritty flair. The trio shared their debut EP, Tamam, in 2022, and now they’re preparing for another year of new music releases and live shows.

“‘Strange Attractor’ is a continuous stream of thoughts – some conscious and some unconscious – about the way in which people communicate and stumble through life,” Kara Delik comment about their latest single. “Musically you can expect to be lost in a 5 minute long dub trance.” Through a combination of Frawley’s distinctive spoken-word lyrics and percussion, and Öner and Sommer’s jagged riffs and distortion, the band grapple with clashes in communication and the strange and stunted paths we often find ourselves following (“too old to be relevant / old enough to be resented / everyone’s talking / but the conversation’s dead”).

Listen to ‘Strange Attractor’ below.

Singularities 1 will be available both online and on 7 inch vinyl.
Pre-order here

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Photo Credit: Toni Petraschk

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