New Track: The Empty Page – ‘Level Sedentary’

In a world that moves so quickly, it’s refreshing to hear a song that praises slowness. The second single from previous GIHE headliners The Empty Page’s second album, ‘Level Sedentary’, is an empowering slice of ’90s-inspired indie rock, which applauds the time we spend doing nothing at all. 

Front person Kel explains: “I heard John Cooper Clarke say something like, you need two things to be a writer, a pen and idleness. I want to celebrate idleness in this song.” And the band certainly does. Kel’s gritty vocals are long and languid as she sings about being flat and still, buoyed further by fuzzy layers of instrumentation courtesy of guitarist Giz. 

The song’s middle section is a chaotic clash of experimental piano and doom-laden distorted guitar, reminiscent of Sonic Youth. This helps to make ‘Level Sedentary’ a whopping four and a half minutes long, so it’s far from a punchy pop banger. Instead, it’s a song that you can really bask in and savour; much like those idle, lazy days that Kel sings of.

Produced by Morton Kong, ‘Level Sedentary’ is out now.

Vic Conway

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