ALBUM: Black Gold Buffalo – ‘Black Gold Buffalo’

A shimmering example of the East London band’s patience and dedication to creating atmospheric, dark-pop gems, Black Gold Buffalo‘s self-titled debut album is a precious body of work that’s been well worth waiting for. Line-up changes and relocations have altered the band’s output since their conception in 2014, but their new record, released via their own label Buff Rekkids, is a sharp exploration of personal experiences, frustrations and disillusionment with the capital city.

Hypnotic opener ‘Lay It Down’ is a sublime musical tonic for nagging thoughts and unresolved anxieties, with vocalist Keziah Stillwell’s rhetorical line “How do you feel?” echoing out over Joy Joseph’s steady beats with poignant resonance. It flows straight in to ‘Pearls Deep’, which is a blend of atmospheric bass lines from Hannah Holland, melodic guitar riffs from Marc Hayward and that consistent percussion which makes all of Black Gold Buffalo’s tracks ripple with intensity.

The rolling rhythms on ‘Weightless’ are the perfect catalyst to ‘Start A Fire’, which is a haze of smoldering vocals, fiery guitar and bass lines that cut through the smoke. The funky ‘Penkenna’ keeps the heat rising with it’s atmospheric beats which promise to “take you away”, before ‘Anntropix’ breaks the spell, playing out in a soothing, yet anthemic fashion.

Keziah’s vocals blaze in full glory on the mesmerising ‘Magnets’, while exquisite penultimate track ‘Body Of Verity’ is a swirling fusion of bass, guitar & electronics. Brooding bass and guitar melt together once more alongside driving rhythms and bittersweet vocals here, before the slow-burning ‘Amillion’ closes the record.

Combining emotion with integrity, DIY ethics with big ambitions and blurring genre boundaries with ease, Black Gold Buffalo’s debut continues to strengthen after every listen. Help them celebrate their success at the album launch at The Shacklewell Arms on April 10th. RSVP here.

Order your Limited Edition USB version of the album here.

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