EP: Bad Sidekick – ‘Bad Sidekick’

A fistful of brooding indie noise, London trio Bad Sidekick have shared their debut self-titled EP. Following the release of previous singles ‘Circus’ and ‘Crook’, the record proves the band are at the beginning of a promising music career.

“Everything I touch / it gets destroyed,” sings front-woman Cooper Rose with powerful Bristol intonation on opening track ‘Run Boy’. Guitarist Joe and drummer John create loops of fuzzy, furious sound as Cooper warns of the storm that’s coming. It bleeds into the snarling ‘I Ain’t Sick’ on which she oozes more enviably slick vocals, backed by a cacophony of guitar noise and more heart-thumping beats. If you think these tracks sound impressive on record, wait until you hear them live.

Bad Sidekick’s stellar song-writing skills are showcased on the gentler ‘Lost Cause’, which broods with quiet intensity before the drop-in. It’s not long before ‘Romeo’ comes spiralling along and the band rev things up to full throttle again. Penultimate track ‘Think About It’ is cut from the same cloth, full of visceral riffs and driving percussion that urge listeners to contemplate Cooper’s invitation.

A glitchy sampled recording opens final track ‘If I Were The Devil’, on which Cooper sings “I don’t wanna be like the others / trapped inside these dead eyes / waiting for the flames to turn me to ashes”. With her superb vocal delivery, there’s no danger of her burning out anytime soon, especially when paired with Joe’s razor sharp guitar riffs and John’s knockout drumming.

Bad Sidekick have crafted a collection of infectious, gritty indie anthems on their debut EP. We recommend you invest immediately.

Listen to Bad Sidekick’s debut EP on Spotify.
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Kate Crudgington

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