Track Of The Day: Penfriend – ‘Everything Looks Normal In The Sunshine’

Amidst the thick of global uncertainty and turmoil, Penfriend (Laura Kidd) releases her new mighty anthem ‘Everything Looks Normal In The Sunshine’, emitting undeniable and hard-hitting hope against our universal haze.

Written in reflection of the state of a pandemic and the emotional strife that it perpetuates, Penfriend asks us to not “second-guess humanity away” and illustrates her current journey with catchy pop melodies in a controlled, yet scuzzy, alternative-rock soundscape.

Crunchy wide-spread guitar tones sit just right, allowing her supportive lyrics to lend a helping hand to listeners as they are whisked away by energetic synth lines and booming drums. Grunge era elements set a solid bed for Penfriend’s lead guitar parts to dance upon its noise, giving the tune a contagious indie hook to its taste.

‘Everything Looks Normal In The Sunshine’ is the supportive essence of a true best-friend, or everyone’s favourite Auntie, and the feeling of dancing a night away. It is the freshness of stretching your lungs with your deepest breath in a while, and the lightness in your footsteps on your home’s carpet after a day’s work. It’s an equal marriage between reflective catharsis and a plan to move forward. Let’s “stand tall and we’ll all take the weight” together, with Penfriend as our inspiration and soundtrack.


‘Everything Looks Normal In The Sunshine’ is out now.

Jillian Goyeau

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