Track Of The Day: Caswell – ‘Distraction’

Hailing from Suffolk, and long-term GIHE fave, power-pop artist Caswell debuts her first release of 2020 in this spunky, energetic track ‘Distraction’.

With an eerie intro that feels like a long echoing hallway leading to a dance-floor, Caswell teases the scenario of the break-up rebounder. Deep low-ended synths set the song’s vein with dark soundscapes that exude a stirring sense of mystery.

‘Distraction’ breaths with both the hurt and hurry that comes with a break-up. Eagerness is evident, but equally is the presence of escapism. Caswell explains that her intention is to take these common, sometimes taboo scenarios and tell it like it is: “Imagining someone other than who you are with is not something people will openly admit, so this song addresses that quite candidly.”

The track’s wit truly transcends the status quo and does so in a fun, catchy way that is bound to have you up and dancing. With lyrical boldness, a euphoric chorus and a downtempo beat that creates its own atmosphere, Caswell has brought us a versatile banger that is equally suited for the club and a late night drive. 


‘Distraction’ is out now. Listen on Spotify.

Jill Goyeau

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