Track Of The Day: After London – ‘Operator’

In a high energy, hard-hitting banger, London based post-punks After London release their empowering new single ‘Operator’. Right from the track’s start, the undeniable chemistry between instruments is in the face of the band’s listeners in a loud and striking way. With a flawless glue between their experimental backdrop and Frank Ward’s powerful vocals, the scene is set as the track grabs your attention and refuses to let go until the song concludes.

Moments of tasteful guitar feedback throughout ‘Operator’ pay homage to After London’s punk roots and give their track a slice of edge that creates a hunger for listeners to see the band’s dynamic live. Layered synths cohesively incorporated into the rock instrumentation provide an ear catching, progressive element to After London’s sound. The fact that the track utilises such an array of different sounds drawn from various genres, but still maintains a minimalist mix, is a reflection of the band’s extensive creative harness.

With such a catchy chorus that celebrates individualism, After London bring out the self determined side in us all and encourage us to move to the beat of our own drum “with the outlaws.” After London’s ‘Operator’ is truly a call for being your own person and feeling liberated by that in the face of objection.

Watch the new video for ‘Operator’ now:

Jill Goyeau

Photo Credit: Jessie Morgan

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