Track Of The Day: Nuala Honan – ‘Day To Day’ (Cephas Teom Remix)

With an immersive groove that hits with the comfort of a warm summer night stroll, Nuala Honan’s ‘Day To Day’ is a dreamy electronic progression filled with intricacy and smoothness. As the second release from a set of new remixes adapted from Nuala Honan’s hailed 2020 album Doubt & Reckoning, ‘Day To Day’ is a delicately enhanced tune at the hands of Cephas Teom.

With a new sonic palette to draw from and plenty of musicality to work with in Honan’s original track, Cephas Teom transforms ‘Day To Day’ into its second hypnotic life. Speaking through the language of MIDI, digital voices meet sophisticated jazzy tendencies in an array of grooves that intertwine with one another in the layered mix. Percussion is the catchy glue of ‘Day To Day’ and homogenises with the mellow MIDI keys only when it feels so right. Synth pads and deep bass create a grounded base that is elegantly rich in a fluid tone that expands for miles.

Floating vocals and simple melodies make Nuala Honan’s electronic articulation carry an electro-pop disposition to it. There is something accessible about Honan’s writing paired with Teom’s coding that is easy for new ears to latch onto, a warmth among the cold.

With her cathartic storytelling that steeps in solitude, Honan’s songwriting shares a welcome relatability. ‘Day To Day (Cephas Teom Remix)’ is a moment of relaxation hosted by gentle instruments that turn to liquid in sequence with the soothing tones of Honan’s exquisite vocals.


Listen to ‘Day To Day‘ now. Find out more about each of the album’s remixes on Nuala Honan’s Podcast ‘Phonin With Honan‘.

Jill Goyeau

Photo Credit: Paul Blakemore

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