Track Of The Day: SPIDER – ‘Water Sign’

A slow-burning, sleek dark-pop tune that ripples with sultry power, London-based musician and producer SPIDER has shared her latest single ‘Water Sign’. Filled with atmospheric synth textures and heady beats, the track is inspired by the Goddess Olokun of the Nigerian bini tribe, who presides over the darkest depths of the ocean.

Born and raised in Dublin, twenty-one year old SPIDER blends jagged electronics and brooding guitar riffs alongside her distinctive vocals to create her evocative sounds. Her focus is on how a track makes you feel – whether that’s a feeling of power, fluidity or chaos – and on ‘Water Sign’ she weaves these emotions into a cohesive, stirring electronic soundscape.

SPIDER’s self-professed “obsession with astrology” and her belief that “power and strength can be found in sensitivity” underscores her musical efforts, making her tracks radiate with a profound artistic confidence. Harnessing the image of the arachnid as a totemic symbol of strong feminine energy, SPIDER explores her own emotional resilience through her bewitching alt-pop sounds and we’re excited to hear more from this talented new producer.

You can watch the video for ‘Water Sign’ below.

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Kate Crudgington

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