Track Of The Day: Maud – ‘Nobody’

A shadowy electro-pop gem that champions personal growth and self-autonomy, Norwegian producer & songwriter Maud has shared her latest single ‘Nobody’. Released via her own imprint Maud Records and taken from her upcoming album, the track smoulders with a hard earned confidence, reflected in Maud’s dense beats, moody synth textures and direct lyrics.

Maud aka Kristine Hoff grew up in a relatively isolated part of Northern Norway and studied electronic music at Kristiansand’s University of Agder. She channels her personal experiences into her distinctive, dark-pop sounds and has released a string of singles to date, including ‘Bad Things’ ‘Baby Girl’ and ‘Alone Together’ to date. On her latest track ‘Nobody’, Maud pushes her boundaries of self-acceptance and arrives at a place of inner strength.

“‘Nobody’ is vulnerable and intimate, but it also substantiates the chaos we may feel inside of us from time to time,” Maud explains. “Even though the song may come off as distressing, I want the listener to feel empowered and fearless when listening to it. ‘Nobody’ is the inner voice telling you to stay true to yourself and stop worrying about what others think.” Through her pulsing beats and commanding electronics, Maud has crafted a beguiling new soundscape that radiates with her new found confidence.

Listen to ‘Nobody’ below.

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