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With her epic new album, Bitchcraft, released today via legendary label Kill Rock Stars, queer electro-pop artist Bitch prides herself on being “like Joni Mitchell set to a click track… It’s neon pink, in your face, ready to hex you with its brilliance.” Having shared stages with the likes of Ani DiFranco and Indigo Girls, Bitch has now moved from the hustle and bustle of New York City to a log cabin in the woods, where she’s found time to properly delve into her art and write the songs for the new album.

Fusing together a driving, gritty energy and sizzling synths, alongside soulful, emotion-strewn vocals, we’re huge fans of the empowering sounds of Bitch and the poignant messages reflected in her writing. So, we caught up with her to find out more about the album, what inspires her, her thoughts on the music industry today and what’s next for Bitch…

Hi Bitch! Welcome to Get In Her Ears! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
Hi!  Thank you so much!  I’m a violinist, singer, poet and popstress. I love to wear wild clothes and express myself visually as well as sonically.  

Are you able to tell us a bit about how you initially started creating music?
I grew up tap dancing since I was three (my Mom ran a tap dancing school in our basement). I saw the violin on Sesame Street when I was four and begged my parents for one, and have played ever since. I was a very shy kid, but looked up to very wild and performative artists, like Prince and Cyndi Lauper. I started writing poetry at age eleven, and at some point my musical world collided with my lyrical world and I started writing my own songs. 

I love the fizzing electro-punk energy of your tracks, but who would you say are your main musical influences? 
Thank you!  For this album, I would say early Sinead O’Connor, early Cyndi Lauper, Peaches, and Imogen Heap. 

Your wonderfully titled album Bitchcraft is out today! Are you able to tell us a bit about it? Are there any particular themes running throughout the album?
I’m super excited about Bitchcraft and can’t believe it took me nine albums to find an album title that is so PERFECT! Bitchcraft definitely has themes of climate change, being a woman in this male-dominated world, and good old-fashioned heartbreak. 

Do you have a favourite track on the album? And if so, why?
Lately, my favourite track is ‘Pages’. I think it’s because I re-wrote it, after I chose it for the album. I really crafted it – I pushed myself to a new place on a writing level and I still get excited when I hear it. 

How have you found recording and promoting an album during these strange times?
A lot of work, and also very joyous.  I feel like a lot of us realized during the pandemic how much we need art. So I have felt the process of it has been very celebrated by my friends, family and fans in a way that I have not felt before. 

How do you feel the industry is for new artists at the moment? And, as a queer artist, do you feel much has changed over the last few years in its treatment of female and LGBTQIA+ artists?
I can’t imagine being a new artist now, in the days of streaming and social media. I feel so lucky that I had the life experience of being a road dog, gaining fans by coming through their towns and giving them a good show. I do think things have changed for queerness in music lately. I have always been an out musician, but it feels way more accepted and normalized now and, dare I say, even sometimes an advantage? I still feel like women in music are subject to a TONNE of misogyny, within the gay community too, and it feels like there is still so much work to be done in giving women the spotlight, the mic, more women on lineups, etc. If I had a nickel for queer events that have NO women on the line-up I’d be as rich as Oprah. 

As we’re a new music focused site, are there any other upcoming artists or bands you’re loving right now that you’d recommend we check out?
I love my label mate Logan Lynn’s new album! Also: Be Steadwell, Shaylee, Tubafresh, Ry Lucia, Gustaf.  

In addition to the album release, what does the rest of the year have in store for Bitch?
I will be touring all year, have written a one-woman show of sorts. And will hopefully be planning a trip to the UK – my family is there and I love touring there!!

Bitchcraft, the new album from Bitch, is out now via Kill Rock Stars.

Photo Credit: Dana Lynn Pleasant 

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