Track Of The Day: Real Big Sky – ‘Another Day’

A fluctuating, brooding guitar tune that swells with anticipation, Gothenburg four-piece Real Big Sky have shared their latest single ‘Another Day’. Taken from the band’s self-titled debut album which is set for release this summer, the track blurs powerful riffs with distant, elusive vocals to create a powerful four and a half minutes of swirling, enigmatic sound.

Originally created as a distraction for multi-instrumentalist Sara Kleppe (You Break, You Buy, Gold Baby) during the Covid-19 lockdowns here in the UK in 2020, Real Big Sky began life as a solo project which Kleppe worked on at home in her bedroom in Hackney. Making good use of her time during an unpredictable year, Kleppe picked up her old electric guitar and began working out songs and sounds that would eventually form the eight tracks on Real Big Sky’s album. Kleppe relocated back to her native Sweden in 2021, and now Real Big Sky have now blossomed into a full band, made up of her friends and family members.

With the help of friend & long-term collaborator Luca Romano – who also played drums and was on recording, mixing and production duties for the record – Real Big Sky’s sound is now fully fleshed and ready to be released into the world. The band’s previous singles ‘Long Lost’ and ‘Jess‘ were perfect introductions to their heavy, introspective noise, and their latest single ‘Another Day’ continues to flow in this vein.

“I wanted to experiment with introducing new elements to a song as it went along, but still try to keep it as coherent as possible,” explains Kleppe about the process of writing ‘Another Day’. “Changing dynamics throughout a song is something I try to give a lot of attention to, as well as trying to break free from the standard song structure.”

Listen to ‘Another Day’ below.


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Photo Credit: Johanna Kleppe

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