Track Of The Day: Francis of Delirium – ‘The Funhouse’

“This is a call to arms” sings Jana Bahrich aka Francis Of Delirium in the opening to her latest single ‘The Funhouse’, instantly commanding listeners with her grungy riffs and clear vocals. A reflection on the manic and disorientating mindset that’s been accepted as “the new normal” over the past few years, Bahrich’s track is a cathartic rush of angst that questions what’s “left to believe” in such an overwhelming world.

“’The Funhouse’ is largely about how we are adapting to the chaos that is present in our everyday lives,” Bahrich explains about her new single. “The way it can feel that the world is crashing down around us and in order to protect ourselves, we become numb to the sheer terror of it all. Sort of like walking through a funhouse and attempting to remain un-phased by the mayhem that surrounds you.”

Through her frantic riffs, urgent vocals and conflicted lyrics, Bahrich explores the strange mix of apathy, adrenaline and dread that we’ve all been ricocheting between since the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2020. The track is accompanied by a self-directed video, with its fast-paced editing and flashing lights reflecting the chaos she sings of. Despite its uneasy context, ‘The Funhouse’ is a powerful dose of riotous guitar music that breaks down the remnants of underlying anxiety that originally fuelled it.

Watch the video for ‘The Funhouse’ below.

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Francis of Delirium will play their first-ever North American tour supporting The Districts this spring.

Photo Credit: Pit Reding
Kate Crudgington

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