Track Of The Day: Ailbhe Reddy – ‘Looking Happy’

Transforming the crushing sadness that comes with seeing your ex “enjoying” their life on social media into a buoyant alt-folk gem, Ailbhe Reddy has shared her latest single ‘Looking Happy’. Lifted from her upcoming debut album Personal History, which is set for release on 2nd October, the track taps into the feelings of inadequacy we all experience when the FOMO unexpectedly hits whilst we’re scrolling through our ex’s newsfeed.

“We should all know by now that what people present online is a shiny happy version of events, but sometimes it’s impossible to have that logic when you’re hurting,” explains the Dublin-based musician. “Most people have probably ended up scrolling through the online profile of an ex and feeling like their life is full of fun parties and holidays, because that’s all people show of their life online.” Reddy’s willingness to expose these well known but often ignored behaviours is what makes ‘Looking Happy’ so painfully relatable.

Fortunately, Reddy has given fans a healthy dose of humour to offset the track’s sad context in the form of a child’s birthday party in the accompanying video for ‘Looking Happy’. “I’ve been to a lot of parties in my life where I feel bummed out but put on a happy face, so I thought it would be funny to have all these fun scenarios and look really glum,” she explains. “The blooper reel is definitely longer than the music video itself as it was incredibly difficult to keep a straight face on the bouncy castle!”

Watch the video for ‘Looking Happy’ below.

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Kate Crudgington

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