Track Of The Day: Chorusgirl – ‘Don’t Go Back to ’89’

Having announced the much-anticipated (by me in particular!) release of her third album this Autumn, Silvi Wersing – aka Chorusgirl – has now shared her first new single in a few years, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Following their self-titled debut album in 2015, and 2018’s perfectly titled follow-up Shimmer and Spin, this new offering could not be more welcome.

Flowing with a majestic, swirling grace, ‘Don’t Go Back To ’89‘ poignantly reflects on feelings of nostalgia and hopelessness. Propelled by a shimmering splendour and glistening celestial charm, it’s a beautiful slice of jangly dream-pop, sparkling with a glowing summer haze, whilst tinged with stirring undertones of darkness. With a scuzzy, whirring energy reminiscent of the lilting allure of early ’90s shoegaze/post-punk such as Cocteau Twins or Pixies, it’s a perfectly captivating immersive introspection for anyone in need of some calming aural therapy.

Of the track, Silvi explains:

Thematically, it riffs off the following idea: what if you could travel back in time in order to save a loved one? What if you’d have to do this over and over and over again, because it turns out that that person cannot be saved? What if you still can’t stop trying again and again though, and end up stuck in a never-ending loop?

I must admit, I’ve felt quite emotional hearing Silvi’s voice again, with Chorusgirl’s previous two albums having provided so much comfort to me in the past. What she’s able to create is just utterly unique; a soothing amalgamation of influences resulting in truly blissful soundscapes.

Mixing Super 8 footage of a dancer with images of Silvi with a psychedelic, kaleidoscopic allure, watch the Busby Berkeley-inspired new video for ‘Don’t Go Back To ’89’ here:

Colapso Calypso, the upcoming third album from Chorusgirl, is set for release on 14th October.

Mari Lane

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