Get In Her Ears 20.08.20

Kate was back in the studio this week playing loads of new music from women and non-binary artists. Her sister Holly provided lolz in the background.

Music highlights include: Bitch Falcon, Blonde Maze, Percolator, Ultraista, New Pagans, Tired Lion, CLT DRP, Big Joanie, Foxgluvv & Screaming Toenail.

Listen here:

Le Tigre – Deceptacon
X Ray Spex – Warrior In Woolworths
Ultraista – Tin King
New Pagans – Yellow Room
Tired Lion – Lie To Me
L.A. Witch – True Believers
Bitch Falcon – Test Trip
CLT DRP – Kill For Nothing
Stay South – Sick Of Me
April – Forever (Feels Like Tonight)
CARRON – Even Sad Birds Sing (Kobina Remix)
Talking Violet – Indigo
Ailbhe Reddy – Between Your Teeth
Foxgluvv – Don’t Text Back
KYNSY – Cold Blue Light
All Things Blue – White Lady Dogs
Oceanator – Heartbeat
Screaming Toenail – Get Cute
Big Joanie – Cranes In The Sky (Solange cover)
Zoe Graham – Gradual Move
Dehd – Month
Beckie Margaret – God
Indian Queens – Shoot For Sexy
Percolator – Binkle
Blonde Maze – Not All Flowers Bloom
Mary Anne’s Polar Rig – Your House
Baby Bulldog – Rodney
Soccer Mommy – Your Dog
The Big Moon – Your Light
Tiger Mimic – Where The Fire Used To Be
Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande – Rain On Me

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